KB had an exciting week back from Thanksgiving. It is December already and we are getting into the Christmas spirit in our classroom! The class had a conversation on needs vs wants. Students agreed that all the items they hope to get for Christmas are items they want. We practiced writing letters to Santa and … Continue reading December

Happy Thanksgiving

Kindergarten has been learning the story behind the first Thanksgiving. Students learned about the two main groups of people; the Wompanoag American Indians and the Pilgrims from England.  The Mayflower was the ship that Pilgrims used to cross the Atlantic Ocean from England to Plymouth Rock (present day Massachusetts) on their difficult journey to freedom.  … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving


This week during center rotations students worked in a new center, using tablets! We incorporate technology into our classroom in a few different ways including tablets and the smartboard. The tablets we use have apps downloaded onto them to reinforce skills we have been learning in class. Students worked on capital and lower case letters … Continue reading November

Field Day

Saint Michael’s School held its annual field day last Friday! Students from kindergarten through eighth grade were divided into teams and spent the morning building team collaboration skills and having fun. KB unanimously agreed their favorite activity was playing with the parachute in a game called sharks and lifeguards, ask them about it. Sweater weather … Continue reading Field Day


Kindergarten had a great time celebrating Halloween at school on Thursday! The students were counting down the days on our calendar until the much anticipated holiday.  We had a class party where KB created skeletons from q-tips, played halloween bingo, and enjoyed tasty treats. Following the party, the students paraded around school for the annual … Continue reading Halloween

Super Stars

Congratulations to the KB class who earned their first Super Star party! The students earned the class party by following rules, listening to teachers, being kind to friends, smart thinking, participating and respecting school material.  We celebrate collectively when all students obtain super star status on our classroom behavior chart, excellent work Kindergarten!  We now … Continue reading Super Stars

Sabino Canyon

This week Kindergarten went on their very first field trip! The students visited Sabino Canyon to learn more about the flora and fauna of Tucson.  We rotated through educational and enjoyable activities with experienced naturalists.  Students engaged in conversations about habitats,  camouflage coloring, predators vs prey, erosion and much more. The naturalists commented on how … Continue reading Sabino Canyon

Happy Fall!

We welcomed the new month of October and the season of fall this week. In Language Arts, students worked the sight word “my” and made booklets where they drew their favorite objects along with the sight word. We encourage students to use their understanding of phonics and letter/sound correlation to sound out words to spell … Continue reading Happy Fall!

Super Week

It was a ssssuper week in KB! Students focused on the letter S and sorted words with the beginning /s/ sound. The class practiced writing lowercase letter s. We read a book about socks getting dirty in sand and students sounded out words based on their letter sounds. They did a stunning job. In math … Continue reading Super Week