Happy Fall!

We welcomed the new month of October and the season of fall this week. In Language Arts, students worked the sight word “my” and made booklets where they drew their favorite objects along with the sight word. We encourage students to use their understanding of phonics and letter/sound correlation to sound out words to spell … Continue reading Happy Fall!

Super Week

It was a ssssuper week in KB! Students focused on the letter S and sorted words with the beginning /s/ sound. The class practiced writing lowercase letter s. We read a book about socks getting dirty in sand and students sounded out words based on their letter sounds. They did a stunning job. In math … Continue reading Super Week

Home Reading

Next week we will begin our home reading homework program. It is an exciting time as the kindergarteners will start becoming responsible for their learning at home. Starting Monday, your child will be bringing home a book bag from school in their backpack. Inside the book bag will be a book, parent reading tips, and … Continue reading Home Reading

Colorful Crayons

This week KB students were colorful and creative! We read the story The Day The Crayons Came Home by Drew Daywalt.  Students shared their favorite colors and we created classroom crayons.  We are all unique just like a crayon box, each offering something special. Please take a look at our beautiful set of class crayons … Continue reading Colorful Crayons

Marvelous M

KB students had a super week at school! In language arts we focussed on the letter M and its sound.  The class discussed and illustrated different foods that make them say, “mmmmm”.  We learned about Mary and her little lamb and created puppets to help sing the song.  A copy of the song will be … Continue reading Marvelous M